Coworkers Using Digital Tablet

As sales organizations strive to take performance to the next level there is no greater factor in making this happen than having effective sales leadership. A Gallup study shows that a salesperson fortunate enough to have a high-performing sales manager will sell as much as 20% more than someone who doesn’t. Also, when a sales team is in the process of adopting a CRM or internalizing a sales methodology, the biggest factor in the success of these initiatives is front line sales managers. OutPerform offers the most robust training and development solution for both first line and second line sales management as well as senior executives. Elements of this solution include:

  • Assessment of current coaching and leadership skills and attributes
  • Utilization of assessments and coaching diagnostic tools to identify key areas of development for each direct report
  • Utilizing different assessment methods to assess direct reports
  • Strategies for creating the right team environment
  • Understanding what motivates your team members and your role
  • Effective manager/coach involvement in key selling situations
  • Modeling your selling process
  • Providing effective feedback that gets used
  • When sales managers need to be the “change agents”

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