out•per•form (verb)

to surpass in excellence of performance; do better than

OutPerform is a sales performance improvement firm. We provide sales performance solutions that drive results. Our three core principles are:

Delight Each Client

Our approach with each client is to take the time to fully understand their business environment. What does that mean? It means understanding their sales channels, their solutions of their service teams and their marketplace. It means understanding who they compete with and how they are trying to differentiate themselves in that marketplace. With this knowledge, our solutions are fully customized to each client’s business needs. A principle of client intimacy does not lend itself to high growth, which is fine with us. We do not strive to be the biggest firm, just the best. We expect to have 100% reference-able clients.

Drive True Behavior Change

There are hundreds of companies out there providing good training. Unfortunately, a lot of that good training does not change behavior. True behavior change is a process that does not start and finish in a two-day training workshop. Our expertise lies in working with organizations to identify the key behaviors that are deficient or lacking and put a long-term plan in place to drive these new behaviors.

Everyone’s Accountable

Each and every one of our client engagements is thoroughly measured . These metrics are a key aspect of our accountability to our clients. Along with this, every participant (managers and reps alike) set 90-day activity-based goals for themselves that are recorded, published and used as a key aspect of measuring outcomes. Because we take a top-down approach to any client engagement, senior management commitment will also serve as a key aspect of driving accountability.


OutPerform was founded by Chip Kudrle. Originally established as Diamond Performance International, Mr. Kudrle and his team of coaches and trainers have been providing sales performance solutions to the market since 1992.