Account Management

Today’s account manager wrestles with the challenge of being proactive when many client issues force them in to a reactive mode. Account Managers also strive to be more strategic but the tactical often gets in the way. OutPerform works with account management teams to break down many of the barriers to becoming more proactive and strategic, then provides a road map to show account managers how to be more proactive and strategic. Elements of this training include:

  • Time and activity prioritization
  • Account planning – a plan for renewing and growing your accounts
  • Having a plan for ongoing insight in to customer’s business
  • Executing effective insight meetings beyond day-to-day contacts
  • Developing and leveraging coach relationships
  • Maintaining access to senior-level decision-makers
  • Winning over detractors who want to limit your effectiveness
  • Making high impact relationship review presentations
  • Creating and closing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

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Channel Management

Unless you have sold thru brokers, dealers and other third-party channels, you won’t appreciate the many subtleties and nuances of this sales channel. Today’s Channel Manager is oftentimes challenged with trying to create more mindshare with their channel partners and building broader and higher level relationships. OutPerform works with Channel Managers to:

  • Build business plans that are a basis for managing broker/partner relationships
  • Better manage the day-to-day activities
  • Gain insight in to your channel partners strategic direction
  • Develop relationships with senior-level contacts at the broker/partner firm
  • Build trust as a way to gain greater involvement in their opportunities
  • Present your company’s capabilities more effectively
  • Gain valuable broker/partner “mindshare”

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