Clients who attend our intensive professional development workshops are required to complete two self-assessments, one on their skills and one on their attributes. Their manager also assesses their skills. Unlike many assessment companies, in our workshops we show participants how to use these assessment results to hone in on their key areas of development and provide a road map for how to address these areas of development.

Skills Assessment

The skills assessment is 100% customizable to your sales, account management or service environment. OutPerform provides a menu of over 30 skills, competencies and behaviors to start the customization process. Many of our clients create a customized skills assessment for each role in the sales organization (e.g., Inside Sales Rep, Account Manager, Strategic Accounts, etc.) Below is a depiction of a typical skill assessment results document.

Sample Skills

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In the results document above, the gray horizontal bars represent the rep’s self-rating, the yellow diamond is the manager’s rating.

Attributes of Top Performers Assessment

The Attributes of Top Performers Assessment assesses four key attributes: Attitude, Integrity, Motivation and Accountability. Participants answer 100 questions pertaining to these four attributes to varying degrees. Each answer represents a score which is tallied and displayed to show participants how their attribute scores compare to the rest of their sales team as well as the maximum possible score for each attribute.

Sample Attributes

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The example above shows the Attributes scores for John Smith in comparison to the rest of his sales team and the maximum possible score.

The Value of Assessments

We have seen many times the surprised look on a salesperson’s face when they see a score from their manager that differs with their opinion of themselves. For some, at first they become defensive and reject the feedback. But once they calm down, they go to their boss to discuss why they scored them so low. This discussion is a very important development dialogue that needs to take place between a manager and a rep. It also aids in our ability to put together an accurate picture of our current state (skills, attributes, performance) as we begin to determine what our future desired state needs to consist of.